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Donor Treatments at Hyderabad

Surya Fertility & Women’s Clinic offers reliable donor treatments with highly qualified doctors in Hyderabad. We enable open up choice for donors & speed up their treatment. Surya Fertility & Women’s Clinic has proven to be highly successful in providing comprehensive Donor Treatments for infertile couples.

Donor Treatments

Donor Treatment Services

Surya Fertility is happy to endorse, their services as there are well defined, their doctors & staff are highly skilled and experienced and they have pioneered in number of current practices. Moreover, the donors opted by us are donors fully & stringently screened to assess all their health conditions. Our staff look after the patients at utmost care. We offers access to the best supply of quality donor eggs & sperm.

Donor Treatment Services in Hyderabad

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Donor Treatments are suitable for:

Using donated eggs, sperm or embryos is a major decision & one must take time to think whether it is a precise option or not. Usually, Donor Treatments are recommended for patients

  • If they are unable to produce eggs or sperm of their own
  • If their own sperm or eggs are improbable to result in a pregnancy
  • If there is a high risk of passing an inherited disease
  • If the couple are of same sex or single

Donor treatments at Surya Fertility & Women's Clinic

Most of our patients are being treated at Surya Fertility & Women’s Clinic for conditions that affect their fertility. We understand the patients concern regarding parenthood and strive hard to offer best services for our patients with up-to-the-date information.

During treatment, our patients experience a personal bonding with the physician in charge of their care and the other Fertility Center physicians. Our expert’s fertility specialists, review patients medical history and discuss the most suitable treatment choices & provide the personalized treatment plan. If you are looking out for any donor treatments visit Surya Fertility & Women’s Clinic, immediately. 


Dr.Sunitha ilinani and Dr.Avani Reddy both r very gud n very caring. Hospital staff also very polite n friendly and will make you feel comfortable all through the treatment. The doctors were explaining each and every topic related to treatment or medicine. 

Respected Madam,
I am very happy to get pregnant after 8 yrs of marriage now we are happy toda All thanks to Dr. Sunitha madam and Team.

Komal Patel

I am Pavani Kota, we are so happy after visiting of Surya fertility. we were trying since five year for a child and we visited Dr. Sunitha madam and we got the positive result. thank you so much to all the doctors and staff for you concern.

Kota Pavani

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With an intention to offer best possible fertility treatment to the couples in Hyderabad India, Surya Fertility & Women’s Clinic has launched. It has a phenomenal status in the field of medicine and has been popularly known for its unmatched service to the patients since many years.

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